Glyde Point, a gem in our backyard...

I recently took a boat trip up to the Vernon Islands and Glyde Point, a short boat ride from Darwin. What a magnificent part of our Top End, a place dripping with wildlife, birds, pristine mangroves and exquisite corals that encircle a series of intriguingly deep blue holes. Amidst many species of mangroves live a plethora of birds and fish. 

As the tide drops, water cascades over the reef’s edge and into the gigantic blue holes, providing a safe haven for fish and sea turtles. Also making the blue holes their home are endemic species of dolphins, threatened dugongs, and much more.  

We are keeping a close eye on the region, as once again the government is targeting Glyde Point for development. Ten years ago the CLP’s plans to develop Glyde Point were thrown out. Once again the government has been scoping the area, for a Glyde Point port, an adjoining industrial complex, and suburb at nearby Gunn Point. These are heavy industry plans in what is now a pristine and untouched area. 

Please stay with us on these issues and keep your eye out for rezoning. These regions support one of the last intact, large tropical marine ecosystems on the planet! And if you get a chance, make your way there and see stunning Glyde Point for yourself.

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