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    Mangrove Madness!

    Mangroves are crucial to the health of our Top End coasts – supplying us with oxygen, storing carbon and providing nurseries for important commercial and recreational fish.

    Clearing of mangroves affects our lifestyle, our livelihoods, and our marine life. Yet a proposed development now threatens the health of our Harbour. The NT Government is considering whether or not to allow a proposal to clear up to 25 hectares of mangroves for 1100 dwellings for the Bayview development, ‘The Boulevarde’.

    While the Labor opposition have ruled against the proposal, the fate of our mangroves sits with the current government.

    It’s yet another example of the Territory government continuing to put their development agenda against the concerns of residents, which could permanently damage our treasured lifestyle.

    This is pure Mangrove Madness! Please sign the petition today.


    Photo by: Glenn Walker


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